Veho VFS-002 Slide & Negative Scanner For 35mm & 110 Instamatic Negatives


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The Veho VFS-002M is Mac compatible and comes with 35mm slide & negative trays & a 110 negative tray. Convert your old memories onto your PC ready for editing, archiving, restoring or printing.


Bundled Software Arcsoft Media Impressions
Colour Balance Using Colourbright Technology
Colour Channel 24 bit – 48 bit using bundled software
Dimensions 77mm Long x 92mm High x 100 Width
Driver Plug and Play driver free with support for XP, Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit) and Mac OSX 10.4.1 and above
Exposure Control Automatic
Image Sensor 1/4 Inch 3MP CMOS lens
Minimum available memory 512MB RAM
Power USB 2.0 Powered
Scan Resolution From 1400 DPI to 1800/3600 DPI via Interpolation
Scan Sizes 35mm & 110mm Negatives and Slides
Scanning Speed 1 touch 2 seconds Scan

Main Features:

Create digital images of all your old slides and 35mm & 110mm negatives
Scans 35mm slides and negatives and also 110 instamatic negatives
Plug and Play, no drivers to install, captures an image in 1 second
Compatible with PC (XP, Vista 32 & 64, Windows 7) and Mac
Includes Media Impressions software for image capture and editing
Quick one touch scan


USB powered VFS-002 scanner
110 negative tray
35mm negative tray
35mm slide tray
Lens cleaning tool
Arcsoft MediaImpressions software
Quick install guide

Transfer your old 35mm negative film and slides and 110mm instamatic negatives onto your PC/Notebook/Mac ready for editing, archiving or printing. A simple plug and play scanner with no driver to install and fast one touch scanning making it easy to bring those old pictures back to life. Perfect for restoring all those old cherished memories and moments back into the digital world and sharing by email or Facebook. If you want to remove redeye or enhance your image in anyway then simply use the bundled Arcsoft Mediaimpressions software. This is the first scanner to be capable of scanning 110mm negatives.

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