Veho VAA-003 Universal USB UK Mains Plug Converter White


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It’s always annoying having to turn your PC on to charge your MP3 player or iPod. Now you don’t have to with the VAA-003 from Veho.

Convert your USB charger cable into a UK mains charger plug!

If you only have a USB lead to charge your Muvi, 360 Speaker or iPod device then it’s frustrating having to turn your PC on just to power it up. Simply plug the USB charger/sync lead into the USB converter and then plug into the wall to start charging.

Key Features:

White universal USB UK Mains plug
Compatable with all ipod models
Most universal/generic MP3 players
All Veho MP3 / MP4 / MP5 players
Standard UK Mains plug
Input AC 100-240V
Output DC 5.5V 0.5A
ROHS & CE approved